With the almost limitless number of combinations of colors, hair styles, eyes, hooves, muzzles, wings, horns, and so on, creating your dream pony is one of Derby Days' biggest appeals.

For the most part, breeding in Derby Days seems to be very luck based, boardering on random sometimes. Research is still ongoing to figure out how much chance is really involved and how to encourage your ideal results.

The BasicsEdit

On the surface, breeding is simple. The only requirements for breeding are:

  1. both ponies must be level 10 or higher
  2. you must have at least 3 Energy
  3. you must have enough carrots to pay for the stud fee of the pony you are breeding against.
    • as a corrolary to this rule, ponies with more traits and "rarer" traits are worth higher carrot values

Backyard BreedingEdit

The only exception to the rules above is that if you are breeding two of your own ponies to each other in your backyard, you do not need any Energy. However, both ponies must still be level 10 or higher, and you will have to pay the carrot value of both ponies.

Some DetailEdit

Generally speaking, the longer the baby takes to gestate, the more and rarer traits it will have. See Breeding Time for more detail about this.



Some sample Breeding Results

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