With FoalsEdit

Traits are passed down from horse parents to foal. Sometimes, traits appear that were not from parents, but acquired. If you breed the first horse that you receive with Jenny's basic horse, you can have a foal with spots or stripes, and sometimes green hair and other traits. If you breed your first horse with Jenny's pink winged horse, and breed the foal you get with her basic horse and you can get a red foal with or without wings and Sometimes different eyes/emotions. Anyway, if you breed, let's say a pink winged horse with a brown horse with different eyes, you will most likely get a pink or brown horse that has wings or not and has normal eyes, the brown horse's eyes, or other eyes, and possibly have spots or stripes. Write the first section of your page here.

Grown up horsesEdit

Oddities happen a lot, so don't always expect the foal to be just like its parents. Now, to traits of regular horses. They can be winged, have horns/antlers, have special markings on them such as spots and stars and spots, they are usually one solid body color, but not always. They can have noses of animals like wild cats, and have different eye types, and some have fur on their legs that is different colored from their body, or fuzzy leg fur.

Read more about traits under the certain trait article.

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