Here's a photodump of all the hoof colors in game. Ideally, four of each would be lovely. If anyone finds a type of hoof that is not on this list, please do not hesitate to take a screenshot and send it in!

See also Cloven Hooves (Deer) and Cloven Hooves (Monkey King).

White HoovesEdit

Black HoovesEdit

Striped HoovesEdit

Black and WhiteEdit

Brown and WhiteEdit

Brown HoovesEdit

Bronze HoovesEdit

Yellow HoovesEdit

Red Hooves Edit



Pink HoovesEdit

Purple HoovesEdit

Blue HoovesEdit

Green HoovesEdit

There are at least three different shades of green possible.

Mismatched HoovesEdit

A pony can also have hooves of two (or more?) colors.

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