Added BlackEdit

Often black legs simply look like a pony has been dipped into ink on their legs. They can be on all four legs or just the front two.

Black StripesEdit

There are a couple of stripe patterns for black.

Added WhiteEdit

Tall SocksEdit

Tall socks go up to a pony's elbows in front and knee in back. This is distinct from the white underbelly (gradient) marking which continues up a pony's flank.

Medium SocksEdit

Medium socks go up to the knee in front and hock in back.

Ankle SocksEdit

As the name suggests, these go just to the ankle.

White StripesEdit

Black + WhiteEdit

Note, a pony can inherit both black and white socks. 

Other ColoursEdit

Other leg colours are also possible. The Blue Legs were originally seen on the Undead Mare from Halloween 2012 while the Two-Toned Legs were added recently.

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