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Derby Days

Racing is one of the most important parts of the game.  It is your primary method of earning gold, especially early on when you do not have nice buildings.  There are derbies and championships.


There are twenty-one levels of derby racing.  Derbies give you gold and ranch experience.  You can come in first place to sixth place.  Each place gives you the same ranch experience, but the amount of gold will change.  Once a horse has moved up to the next derby stage, they cannot compete in the one below.  Usually, the First place prize in the previous derby is equal to the sixth place prize in the new one.  Each horse has listed a percent chance that they can come in first.  There is always a small chance your horse can win.

The listed prizes are for first place. 

Name Prize
1. Tutorial Derby 400 gold, 5 exp
2. Backyard Mile 700 gold, 8 exp
3. Forest Cup 1000 gold, 10 exp
4. Grassy Stakes 1400 gold, 20 exp
5. Buggy Derby 1700 gold, 30 exp
6. Dark Oaks Mile 2000 gold, 40 exp
7. Sunday Mile 1cash
8. 3000 gold, 60 exp
9. 3500 gold, 70 exp
10. Local Million 4000 gold, 80 exp
11. 2 cash
12. 5000 gold 100 exp


There are twenty levels of championships.  You must have a certain ranch level to unlock a championship for any horse.  Additionally, the horse must reach the required horse level.  The first time you beat a championship, you will gain a valuable cash item and gold.  After the first time, you get horse exp and gold.  In a championship, there is a very rare chance for a Cash to appear above a horse's head. Eight horses compete in a championship.  The gold prize varies depending on how you place.

Name Ranch Level Horse Level Prize
Hollywood Mile 4 5 1500 gold, Dog
New York Minute 8 10 2000 gold, Kitten
Paris Oaks 12 15 2500 gold,
Seoul Classic 16 20 3000 gold, Sheep
Dubai Global 20 25 3500 gold, Pig
African Cup 24 30 4500 gold, Kangaroo
London Classic 28 35 5000 gold, Fox
Tokyo Kinen 32 40 6000 gold, Deer
Greek Open 36 45 6500 gold, White Tiger
Italian Final 40 50 7500 gold, Luxury Shower
Hong Kong Classic 44 55 8600 gold, Ostrich
Korean Cup 48 60 9400 gold, Flamingo
Shanghi Circular 52 65 10600 gold, Wagon
Osaka Stakes 56 70 11600 gold, Llama
Moscow Mile 60 75 12600 gold, Turkey
California Classic 64 80 14000 gold, Tractor
Brazilian Open 68 85 15200 gold, Camel
Australian Global 72 90 16400 gold, Sofa
American Open 76 95 18200 gold, Bamboo
European Final 80 100 19700 gold, Panda

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