Hi everyone! Buildings are some of the most important things on our ranches - they make us cash, carrots, and energy after all! so I've been working on revamping the building pages.

so far, I've added profit tables to the main building page. these handy things let you know the cost, time, profit, and profit per hour of each building, plus the profit per hour with the current backyard bonus. ideally, all the individual pages should have the same info, as well as information if they are part of a collection. I'll also be adding in sell values for everything (though all buildings sell for 10% of their original cost) and hopefully the level requirements for everything, though I'll need some help on that!

I've filled in all the coin building profit tables up to what my current level allows, and added in level requirements for the buildings that I haven't unlocked yet. if anyone knows the level requirements of the rest of the buildings, please fill in! the individual building pages haven't been completely updated, and also need the sell values added in on most. I also noticed several had two images, while others had none!

as for the cash buildings, I started on those but my hand's cramping up a bit by now ;) if anyone would like to finish filling those in, feel free! we also need to add in various new cash buildings that have become available since the page was last updated. (the current list is now in order of what displays in the shop, too!) this is a good opportunity for anyone who hasn't yet unlocked their wikia badges for photos~

lastly, I added in a section for event buildings, but since there's only one in the shop right now, it could take some serious work to expand on that area.

there's plenty of work ahead for me on these pages, especially in formatting D: wish me luck!!

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